« Les Ami·es de Martine Doytier » (The Friends of Martine Doytier)

"Les Ami-es de Martine Doytier" is a non-profit association (asbl), created on the initiative of Céline Thupinier in September 2020, and which brings together those who wish to show their interest in the work of Martine Doytier, an artist whose work developed between 1971 and 1984.

To this end, they give their moral support to all actions aimed at making the work and works of this artist better known: publications, exhibitions, biographical and documentary research, critical analyses, restorations, the promotion and dissemination of information about Martine Doytier and her work, etc.

Membership in the association "Les Ami-es de Martine Doytier" is free, permanent and can be terminated at any time, also on simple request..

Les Ami-es de Martine Doytier are regularly informed by e-mail of upcoming projects or the progress of current projects that concern Martine Doytier or that are directly related to the aims of the association.

The Board of Les Ami·es de Martine Doytier is composed of :
- Marc Sanchez, President
- Brice Delacquis, Honorary President
- Céline Thupinier, General Secretary
- Alain Amiel, Deputy General Secretary
- Lucile Regourd, Treasurer

The Honorary Members of Les Ami-es de Martine Doytier are:
- Frédéric Altmann
- Jean Ferrero
for the support they have provided
to Martine Doytier throughout her life as an artist.
We would like to thank them for this

To be part of Les Ami-es de Martine Doytier,
click here, fill in and send the form.

Head office of the association:
Les Ami·es de Martine Doytier
3 rue Saint-Suaire
F - 06300 Nice

+33 6 08 91 56 24

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